Doing Something New – Day 1

people rowing on a boat in the lake covered with fog

I’m on a journey, and I’m taking you with me.

It’s the journey of doing something totally new and out of my comfort zone.

And bringing my brain along for the ride.

Day One of “Learn to Scull” class. Class starts at 6pm.

It’s 8am. And I am pumped!

It’s noon. And I’m counting down.

It’s 3pm. And I’ve filled my water bottle with ice, laid out my clothes and sun screen, and I’m thinking out the most efficient route to get to the lake.

It’s 4pm. And my brain starts to wake up. “We don’t really want to do this. What’s the point? You’ve been fine without rowing for 12 years. You like to jog. Jogging is more accessible and way more affordable. Jogging takes you away from your kids less. Why would you bother learning a sport you probably won’t have time to do? I should skip the class and stay home and work on my upcoming Facebook live class for my coaching practice.”

It’s 5pm. And my brain is on high alert. “It’s 105 degrees outside. You shouldn’t be out in this heat. And you might get injured. Doesn’t a glass of cold Chardonnay sound amazing? So much more enjoyable than that class. Let’s stay home in the air conditioning and drink chilled wine.”

It’s 5:45pm. I’ve gotten myself to the lake, and I’m waiting for the class to start.

It’s quiet, no one else has showed up, yet.

So I take some time to check in with my brain.

“Hey love,” I tell my brain, “look at you go! I’m so fascinated by the things you come up with, sometimes. But we’re here, now. And we’re doing this. With the racing heart and the nervous tummy and all the feels. I’ve got you, brain. Now let’s go.”

I was so fascinated by my brain’s response to trying something new!

I can’t wait to see what it offers me on Day Two of “Learn to Scull.” :oP

P.S. I want to help you “get it all done” with free time just for you to spare at the end of the day. Let’s talk and see if I can help you get there.

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