Defining Success

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How do you know you’re a good mom? Or a good friend? Or that you did a great job at work today?

Odds are, you’ve never sat down to define what success looks like in most (or all) areas of your life.

As a result, we allow people outside of us to tell us if we’re successful or not.

You look to your kids to tell you if you’re a good mom.

You look to your mom to tell you if you’re a good daughter.

You look to your clients to tell you if you’re good at your career.

You look to your friends to tell you if you’re a good friend.

Is it crazy to delegate such a critical piece of our mental peace and wellbeing to our kids, our mom, our clients, and our friends?


But that’s what we do when we don’t take responsibility for defining success for ourselves.

We delegate that responsibility to others.

It can take mere minutes to come up with what success looks like in each area of your life.

You just have to decide what it looks like for you.

Join me for a free mini-session – I’d be honored if you’ll allow me to coach you this week.

See you there, friend.

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