Controlling Your Drinking

man laying in the room on the floor with glass of whiskey

We’ve been told a big fat lie.

And here it is.

You should only drink if you can control your drinking.

Which implies that we should drink alcohol, and we also should be able to stop at one or two drinks.

If I show up to a bar, and I don’t order an adult beverage, there’s an assumption that I have a drinking “problem.” Like, by drinking I’m proving I can limit my drinking.


Here’s the thing, guys.

Alcoholic beverages release chemicals in our brain that tell us: “This feels good. Must have more.”

They’re the same chemicals that keep us from eating “just one bite” of an Oreo (mmmmmmmm Oreos……I digress).

If you find yourself overdrinking this holiday season, that means your brain is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do – release the feel-good chemicals and create desire for more of them.

Stop feeling bad about it.

Stop beating yourself up about it.

There’s no upside to shaming yourself for overdrinking.

But, if you’re reading this, and feeling a little crunchy from the night before, and you’re looking to cut back without quitting altogether, I’m offering Stop Overdrinking for Successful Women.

Five days to freedom and more control over your outcomes.

No chips, no shame, no willpower required.