Cleaning Up Our Lives – A Mental Exercise

asian woman putting fresh vegetables in wicker basket while sitting on bench

Conventional wisdom states that the best way to clean a closet is this:

Take everything out – everything. And then only put back in what you want to keep.

When I start to feel overwhelmed with responsibilities, I like to walk through the same exercise, but with my life as the “closet.”

I get rid of everything. My kids, my dogs, my boyfriend, my mom, my friends, golf, jogging, my house…all of it.

And one by one, I decide if I want to put them back into my life.

This exercise is powerful because we are choosing whether we still want those things.

When we give ourselves the freedom to choose, we stop resisting what is, and we start making choices that serve us best.

When I do this exercise, I usually put everything back.

But it’s my choice.

And when I choose, I’m all in.

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