Changing Your Actions

close up photo of survey spreadsheet

When we don’t like our results – we change our actions….makes sense, since we all learned from an early age that actions are what really matter.

“Walk the walk, don’t talk the talk.”

“Actions speak louder than words.”

“A little less talk, a lot more action.”

But I have another saying that may help you rethink this fallacy that our actions control our results.

“Wherever you go, there you are.”

You can double down on how many sales emails you send, or how many posts you write. But if you’re doing it from the same place in your brain, you won’t see the result you’re seeking.

If you’re not meeting your sales goals, and you think “I’m not meeting my goals.” And send more emails to get more clients. You’re not going to see results.

Try thinking: “There are 15 people out there who are waiting for my help. I just have to find them.” See how the spirit of your action changes. You’ll still send the emails, but will they sound different? Yes. Yes, they will.

It starts with your thoughts….

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