Change and People

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Change. And people you know. They don’t always go well together.

See, people don’t always like it when you change.

Even if the change you’re making is good for you.

It makes them feel uncomfortable.

They don’t know where they fit in with you any longer.

Need evidence?

Quit drinking. Cut out flour and sugar from your diet. Stop gossiping – in every situation.

Start going to church and inviting God into your conversations.

See what happens.

But…here’s what I want to offer you.

Before you throw away your friends and loved ones in favor of people who align with the newest version of you, I want to offer this.

This is an opportunity for you to practice the skill of enjoying people’s company without participating in things you’re not into anymore.

When I took a 30-day break from drinking, I purposely scheduled golf with my drinking buddies, because I wanted to practice just enjoying their awesome company and practice allowing them to be themselves.

I told my boyfriend, “Drink up!”

I drank sparkling water and lime at the country club instead of wine, and still had a great time crap-talking about our golf game.

People feel uncomfortable because they don’t know where they fit in, anymore.

You love them, they’re great people.

Take the lead and give them reassurance that your growth doesn’t mean anything about them or your friendship.

It may even inspire them to follow and take on a challenge, themselves.

But if they don’t, that’s totally ok.

You get to love them exactly how they are.

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