Being in a Hurry

active asian woman standing in plank

I’m ambitious.

And ambitious people tend to be action-oriented.

Which is great. Most of the time.

But where I get in trouble is when I’m in a hurry to achieve a goal.

Here’s where the issue lies.

If I’m in a hurry, I know I’m trying to move past discomfort without experiencing it. It’s quite human – after all, our brains want to protect us from discomfort.

But discomfort is where the real growth occurs. When I experience discomfort, I’m opening myself up to the full human experience. I’m willing to experience all the feelings to get to my goal.

When I practice allowing discomfort, I realize it doesn’t kill me. And I’m not afraid to feel more of it.

And when I’m not afraid to feel discomfort, I say yes.

Yes to impossible goals.

Yes to new challenges.

Yes. To all of it.

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