Beating Yourself Into Doing Better Next Time

“I always gain the weight back after I lose it.”

“I’m just not good at this.”

“I have no willpower.”

“I’ll always struggle with my weight.”

Stop it. Please, for the love of you, stop it.

We think if we yell at ourselves, we’ll improve.

We think if we beat ourselves up, we’ll lose the weight, or exercise consistently, or stop over-drinking.

Here’s what really happens when we beat ourselves up.

We create the feeling of shame in ourselves.

Shame leads to the desire to hide and seek relief.

When we hide and seek relief, we….buffer…..

Which means we eat more, don’t exercise, or over-drink to escape the feeling of shame that we created.

There is no upside to beating yourself up.

Just give yourself a little wink in the mirror and try again.

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