Actions That Get Results

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I’m a self-help junkie. For real.

For years, I spent time reading books, listening to podcasts and scanning the internet for wisdom from the “great thought leaders.”

All that sere-awareness, all those nights meditating on self-improvement…and I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t seeing results.

Turns out, it’s because I was in the wrong kind of action.

I was being passive.

Passive action is like dipping our toe in the water, but staying safe on the side of the pool – if you don’t get wet, you don’t have to dry off and retouch your makeup, right?

Passive action is interesting.

It’s inspiring.


But – it’s not transformative.

Results come from taking daring action, and daring action is scary.

Results aren’t over here in Safe-ville, where we read that magic sentence or hear that inspiring quote, and results magically appear before our eyes.

Results are out there, outside the cave, where it’s dangerous.

Results require willingness to feel the crappy feelings, like:

  • embarrassment
  • humiliation
  • frustration
  • insecurity

And you do it anyway.

Because you know the results are on the other side of those crappy feelings.

What can you take daring action on this week?

Oh, and those crappy feelings? I can help you move through them, because I do it every day and I can show you how.

The results you seek are on the other side, my friend.

Schedule a free call with me.

Let’s go.

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