No one – not ever – has asked me what I want my legacy to be.

I’m beginning to think we’ve lost that need – to have a legacy.

Legacy is about the impact a person had on other people.

Looking back on my years on this earth, here are the legacies I’ve contributed:

20s: Kept Hoppy Brewing open by drinking at their bar nightly. Got married and divorced.

30s: Won a couple rowing regattas (go RCRC!). Got married and divorced again – with children, this time. Blew up a few people’s lives, including my own. Switched careers – twice.

40s: Realized I have no legacy – nothing that I’m leaving behind that will impact others’ lives positively. Became a life coach. Created a business helping hundreds of people to leave their past self behind and become the version of themself they’ve been wanting to be.

What is your legacy?

What will you leave behind that will positively impact others?

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Creating Money

You can earn as much money as you want to earn.


No, this isn’t an MLM post. Though I do know of some pretty awesome MLMs that my friends enjoy selling for.

This is me…single mom of two on one income…telling you…

…that your earning potential has no limit.

Other than that limit you’ve been raised to believe.

That you have to work really hard, long hours.

That you have to give up time with your family.

That the economy is a barrier to your earning potential.

Never – in our generation – has there been more opportunity to earn money by creating value and putting it into the world.

If you’re ready to be challenged on your thoughts about money availability, I want to help you.

Let’s talk.

Being Content

You’ve heard of self-improvement and reinvention.

But why would you?

You’re happy. Content.

“My life is fine the way it is. I don’t need anything to be different.”

My question is this.

Why do you think things have to go wrong in order to create an amazing life?

Why do you need to lose a job…

…or a relationship…

…or a promotion…

…or your health…

…to decide to create a life you actually want?

I challenge you to consider self development for the sake of becoming the fullest version of yourself possible.

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Accessing Your Wisdom

I don’t know.

I hear some version of this from my clients daily.

“I don’t know how.”

“I don’t know what to decide.”

“I don’t know what I want to do.”

Be careful with “I don’t know,” my friends.

“I don’t know” lets your brain off the hook.

It blocks your creativity.

It tells your brain you don’t expect much from it.

Drop the “I don’t know.”

It’s not serving you.


Think about your future self. The person who already solved this problem.

Ask her how she did it.

You’ll be amazed at the ideas that will come up.

P.S. – Stuck at “I don’t know?” That’s my specialty. Let’s talk about how I can help you move through it to the other side.

What’s Possible

I used to think without a degree, my income potential was limited.

So I earned my Bachelor’s. Then my Master’s.

And you know what?

My income level didn’t change.

It didn’t open any doors.

In fact, at one point, I was passed up for promotion by someone who didn’t even have the degree required in the job description.

Do I regret earning my degrees?

Not even a little.

But I didn’t need to earn them to increase my earning potential.

My earning potential was already (and always has been) limitless.

The limiting factor was my thoughts about my earning potential.

I believed things outside of me had to change in order for my earning potential to change.

I needed a degree. I needed the right job to become available. I needed more work experience.

But that simply was not true.

All I needed to do was decide to earn whatever I wanted to earn.

When I started living from the belief that my earning potential was mine to decide, everything changed.

Opportunities to earn money opened up in ways I didn’t expect.

They were always there.

I just wasn’t seeing them until I changed my mind about my earning potential.

The answer to all things is always, always inside you.

P.S. If you’re ready to unpack the limiting thoughts you’ve been holding onto, let’s talk.

Tire Blow-Out Blessings

I was driving down a highway this week, and suddenly the sound of THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP came from my driver’s side front tire.

Just like that, I was driving on the rim and having to quickly figure out where I was going to pull over.

And when I gathered myself back together, I realized what a huge blessing it was.

I had been moving at NASCAR pace all month, and needed to slow down. Blessing granted.

My mom had just borrowed my car, and the tire held out until she was done using the car. Blessing granted.

I was right by my sons’ elementary school, so there was a safe, familiar place for me to pull in and park. Blessing granted.

I didn’t have my sons in the car at the time. Blessing granted.

I had just signed a new client the day before, whose coaching fee covered the cost of the tow truck to the dollar. Blessing granted.

It happened the day before I was responsible for getting my friend’s daughter to her 6th grade promotion, which means it may have happened then instead – causing her stress on a day I wanted her to feel relaxed. Blessing granted.

So much joy to be had in the inconvenient things life offers.

P.S. If you’re ready to uplevel your life, whether it’s time management, weight management, or future mastery, I’m here and ready to help you.

Playing the Part

When I was in my 20s, I lacked confidence.

You wouldn’t know it, though, because I became a master at a technique called “method acting.”

Method acting is when an actor takes on the entirety of the character they are cast to play. They think like them, behave like them, make choices like them, dress and look like them, express themselves in the same manner.

When walking into a stressful situation, I would channel my mom. She was the strongest, most successful woman I knew.

Pretending to be her in stressful situations served me well into my thirties.

And then I realized something.

I could use this practice to not only pretend to be someone else, but to become someone else.

To become that better version of myself that I was seeking.

To live into the change I wanted to see in myself.

If I wanted to be better with money, I would tell myself, “I am a person who is good with money. What would someone who is good with money choose in this situation?”

I’d run every situation I was faced with through this other person – the one I was trying to become.

And soon, I would become that person.

It’s a powerful exercise.

I’d love to teach you.


I used to think I was crazy.

But turns out I’m just like a lot of other moms out there.

Here’s what I’m talking about.

Whenever I feel overjoyed, happy, content…I start to think of all the things that could go wrong.

And I actually start to anticipate bad things happening.

We have a vacation coming up.

And I’m so excited – 3 more days until we’re on a beach!

But then….what if someone in the family gets sick? What if our bank account is hacked and we can’t access our money? What if the airline bumps us and we don’t get to go? What if we get there and the hotel loses our reservation?

And I start to feel the disappointment, the anxiety, and the frustration ahead of time.

The logic seems sound, right?

If I anticipate speed bumps ahead of time, and then feel all the feelings ahead of time, it won’t be so bad if it actually happens.

But that’s B.S.

If it does happen, it will still be just as disappointing, anxiety-inducing, and frustrating.

The only “bonus” is I get to feel it twice instead of once.

Why would I want that?

P.S. Schedule a free consult with me, and stop worrying forever.

Learning and Doing

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on self-improvement.

Podcasts, programs, Audible books…you name it.

Do I regret spending the money? No way.

Did I reap any benefit? Sure, I gained some buzz words and knowledge.

Did it produce tangible results? No.

Why not?

Because I wasn’t doing the work.

See, it’s easy to consume knowledge.

It takes time, maybe some focus.

But it doesn’t require anything of me.

It doesn’t force me to be uncomfortable.

Growth is uncomfortable.

Development is uncomfortable.

And on the other side of feeling the discomfort are the results I want.

To get to the results, I have to do the uncomfortable work.

Between me and the results I seek, are feelings of frustration, unanswered desire, resistance, boredom, and dissatisfaction.

I want results.

So I’m willing to feel frustration, unanswered desire, resistance, boredom, and dissatisfaction.

Because I know what I want is on the other side.

Are you ready to achieve results in a way you didn’t know was possible?

Let’s talk right now.

My Selfish Reasons

I have a secret.

When I do nice things, I don’t do them for the other person.

I do them for myself.

Because I know how it makes me feel when I do something nice for someone else.

Like, last week, when I was buying a nitro cold brew (Temple Coffee, in case you were wondering).

I bought the person’s coffee who was in line behind me.

Not because of how I wanted her to feel.

But because of how I knew it would make me feel.

Selfish? Some may think so. That’s none of my business.

See, I know I can’t make someone else feel anything.

I have zero control over the thoughts that create their feelings.

But, I do have control over my feelings.

And I happen to know that buying a stranger a coffee makes me feel good.

In fact, when I’m having “one of those days,” that’s exactly what I do.

Get to work on trying to find someone I can do something nice for.

Want to do something nice for yourself?

Schedule a call with me. Let’s see what’s possible, together.