5 Pounds Hotter for the Holidays

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What if the holidays were a time of year when we lost weight….when we gave our bodies the gift of caring about them?

Holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years – are three days. Of the whole year. If we really only ate like a-holes for three days, our bodies would be fine (they’re pretty awesome like that).

But “holidays” have become an entire quarter of the year.

Why would we choose to stop loving on ourselves for three months? I don’t know, either. But we do. It’s a thing.

I’m starting a program, Five Pounds Hotter for the Holidays, starting November 29th.

We will eat like a lady, not like an a-hole. We will love our capable, giving, amazing bodies. We will lose five pounds.

Schedule a free mini-session to see if this program is right for you and your amazing body.

See you there.