Practicing Future You

silhouette of woman

I have a secret. 

When I see the most desirable outcomes in my life it is when I’ve taken time to practice being my future self. 

Let’s take weight loss for example. 

My goal is to weigh 155 lbs by May 31, 2022. 

The most important work I can do in this area is to practice being my future self. 

I’m a person who used to weigh 163 lbs, and now I weigh 155 lbs. 

I practice this thought all day, as often as possible. 

When I’m doing the dishes, “As someone who weighs 155 lbs, how would I do the dishes?”

When I’m at a friend’s house, “As someone who weighs 155 lbs, what would I choose to eat from the charcuterie board?”

When I’m working, “As someone who weighs 155 lbs, would I choose to take 5 minutes to drop and do my ab workout on my lunch break?”

What’s something you want to accomplish for your future you? 

Try her on, all day long. 

See how she shows up differently than present you. 

Ready to be coached? Come talk to me. 

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