Eating to Replace Drinking

young female eating pile of chips with closed eyes at home

So, you’re doing Dry January and you’re finding yourself replacing that nightly glass of wine with food? 

Congrats – you’re normal. 

See, you’ve practiced giving your brain a hit of dopamine at the same time every day (or during  football, or brunch with friends). 

So naturally, your brain creates this feeling of desire for something during that same time.

You’ve told yourself you’re not drinking this month, so how do you satisfy that urge? 

You eat. 

Probably off plan. 

Because if you’re on my crazy loving, simple eating plan – no flour, no sugar – your plan doesn’t include food that will give you the same dopamine hit as, let’s say, chocolate cake or pasta. 

If you don’t give yourself something, anything to reward your brain with that dopamine hit, you’ll feel discomfort. 

And who wants to feel discomfort? 

So you eat. 

If you’re curious about a way to quiet this desire to eat during Dry January, come talk to me. 

I know exactly how to solve it. 

And it’s not what you think. 

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